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by Dr. Reena Sommer

Did you know that if you are a divorcing parent, you run the risk of having an allegation of abuse made against you? And if you are a divorcing father, that allegation could likely be sexual abuse? In most of these cases, divorce-related allegations of abuse against mothers and fathers are completely false.

Why Do Child Custody Disputes & Abuse Allegations Appear to Go Hand in Hand?

Disputed custody cases have become increasingly acrimonious and ugly. The shift toward higher stakes divorce and custody battles took root during the mid 1970's when divorce laws changed to include joint custody as a viable alternative to sole custody to mothers. At that time, the courts recognized that both parents were important to their children's lives. The courts also made both parent financially responsible for their children's care. And, it's this latter issue - financial responsibility - that appears to be the catylyst for much of the acrimony in custody cases.

Money Fuels Most Custody Battles

At the heart of most custody battles is a fight over money. How does it work? Well, on one hand there are mothers who want sole custody to ensure that they get child support. On the other hand, there are fathers who likewise want sole custody, so they don't have to pay child support. And here is where allegations of abuse come in.... Given the court's preference for joint custody, it seems that the best way to ensure sole custody is if one parent is accused of abusing their child.

As sad and despictable as it is, the reality is that money fuels custody battles and allegations of abuse shape the direction of children's futures.

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