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Strategy Development

The saying, "two heads are better than one" has real merit when it comes to developing a custody trial strategy. By sharing and combining information from a divorce attorney and a custody trial consultant, the end result is ideas that usually cannot be generated by either attorney or trial consultant alone. An effective custody trial strategy considers the circumstances of the case - its strengths and weaknesses, and then builds a plan that allows the attorney to present the case most effectively.

Challenging Opposing Counsel's Experts

It is not enough to challenge an expert witness on the details of his or her involvement in the case. If any serious headway is to made at all, this must be accomplished by challenging the expert on his or her credentials and experience. Our experience has shown that many of those who have been accepted by the court as custody "experts", seriously lack the necessary training to conduct custody evaluations or to provide therapy to children concerning divorce related issues. In these cases, we have found that these "experts'" credentials had been accepted at face value without anyone taking the time and trouble to research their qualifications and experience.

A custody trial consultant has the ability to do the necessary research on opposing counsel's experts. Moreover, when it comes to challenging experts on technical issues, the custody trial consultant is able to assist attorneys by developing deposition and cross examination questions. We have found that when opposing counsel's experts have been thoroughly researched and their testimony reveals deficiencies in their training, in many cases, our clients' attorneys have been able to disqualify them from providing providing "expert testimony". When this is accomplished, the direction of a case can be significantly altered for the better.

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Locating Custody Experts

Custody trial decisions often come down to the testimony of an expert. Most contested custody cases will involve a court ordered custody evaluation conducted by an expert selected by the court or agreed to by both parties. If the recommendations of the custody evaluator are favorable to the client, then this individual will provide expert testimony for the case. On the other hand, if the recommendations aren't favorable, then it is important to locate another expert who is capable of refuting the findings of the custody evaluator.

A custody trial consultant is able to research and locate an expert with the appropriate background and experience needed to challenge the findings of the custody evaluator.

Preparing Visual Exhibits

One of the best ways to reinforce the facts and message of a custody case is to do so visually. Using software like PowerPoint. it is possible to graphically present cross examination challenges and evidentiary exhibits that will be entered into the court record. Since the amount of testimony and evidence presented at a custody trial can often be overwhelming, it is extremely beneficial to present the most important evidence in a way that will make it stand out and remain in the judge and jury's minds.

By using visual cues, the key points of the custody case can be emphasized in an extremely meaninful way. With the assistance of a custody trial consultant, the key elements of a case can be identified and then transformed into graphic presentations.

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winning custody
winning custody
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