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custody expertFor the past 18 years, Dr. Reena Sommer has assisted people struggling with the challenges of divorce and parenting their children post divorce. She has served as a divorce and custody strategist to her clients and their attorneys in developing innovative approaches to overcoming challenging issues such as false allegations of abuse, blocked access and other tactics used by some parents to destroy the relationship their child has with the other parent. Dr. Sommer has provided expert testimony in courts in Canada and the U.S.A.on issues related to parenting, custody, child protection, the Parental Alienation Syndrome and domestic violence.

Dr. Sommer received her doctoral degree in psychology, family studies and sociology from the University of Manitoba in 1994. In 1992, she became internationally known for her work in domestic violence and received scholarly accolades and awards for her contributions to research in this area. At that time, Dr. Sommer spoke out against "Zero Tolerance" policies of domestic violence; policies that are now being reviewed for the flaws that she had identified.

Dr. Sommer is guided by the belief that children should not be denied a relationship with their parents simply because their moms and dads decide to divorce. In her capacity as a divorce & custody trial consultant, Dr. Sommer helps families redefine and restructure themselves during the divorcing process so that children and parents can maintain a positive connection with each other.

Dr. Sommer is married to Dr. Michael Thomas, a clinical psychologist who is also one of her associates.

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custody expert
custody expert
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