Take the time to interview more than one attorney before making a final decision about whom you will retain. Apart from finding a divorce attorney with experience, it's also very important that there be a good "fit" between you and your counsel. You need a divorce attorney who is committed to working on your case and also someone who will give it the time and the attention it deserves.

Find out how receptive your divorce attorney is with working along with other professionals. An attorney who feels he or she can handle it all - particularly when you are dealing with a high conflict custody case - is not a divorce attorney I would be comfortable working with. No matter what field you are in - rarely can anyone handle a big project all on their own. Think about it - it would be like a surgeon operating without a surgical team to assist.

Most good divorce attorneys are very busy. If your case is a difficult one with both parties bickering and being entrenched in their positions, there's a good chance that it could easily fall to the bottom of the pile. Like most attorneys, divorce attorneys like cases that are easy to settle. If you have a challenging case where simple negotiations will not work, you may want to consider dealing with a law firm that has an entire family law department. In those kinds of firms, a junior attorney may be assigned to do a lot of the research, background and paper work as well as answer your questions if you have any. The senior attorney will represent you in court. This may work better for you and in fact, may be more cost effective in the long run as well.

Although not always the case - but very often - you get what you pay for when it comes to attorneys. Unfortunately, court appointed or legal aid attorneys will not give your case the attention that a "paid" attorney will. They are overworked, under paid and usually, they are new attorneys just starting out. Sad and unfair - but this is the reality.

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